Hello All, we are
Social Enterprise Organization.

our AIM is to convert WASTE into WEALTH
through ReCOLLECT - ReCYCLE - ReUSE.

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Who We Are

We are a group of social entrepreneur individuals passionate about creating better world for future generations.


Develop a platform to create wealth from recyclable wastes and preserving ecology for the generations.


To protect the mother nature and its beauty of the environment through efficient, fiscal and responsible practices


At W2W, our aim is convert waste into wealth through ReCOLLECT, ReCYCLE and ReUSE (3Rs) concept.



Founder of W2W Enterprises and is a post graduate in Commerce, Business Administration and Women’s Studies. She has been awarded Ph.D. in Business Administration by Madurai Kamaraj University for her thesis in Entrepreneurship. She has more than 20 years of work experience in different sectors such as NGOs, Training Institutions and Academic Institutions. She has worked in the International Research projects on “Women Health issues” conducted by New Jersey State University, USA and on “Empowering the Marginalized Sections of the Society through Entrepreneurship” which was sponsored by Melina Gates Foundation through VHS – TAI, Chennai.

Mrs. Priya Magesh Kumar


An educationist and the Co-Founder of W2W Enterprises. Armed with master’s in computer management education. Software Professional turned social activist. Trained Carnatic Classical vocalist. Widely traveled in India, understands pulse of consumer behavior. Accidentally went to Anganwadi school in Bangalore, that changed her walk of life. Started devoting time and energy in imparting knowledge to young/underprivileged children.

Mr. Magesh Kumar


Mentor & Advisor of W2W Enterprises and is having vast experience in sales, marketing and business development. Having 25 years of corporate experience in Construction field, he has extensively travelled and understands the Indian markets for various product lines. His result oriented with diverse industries experience. He has penchant for contributing back to society. He has strong believes in being responsible towards Mother Nature. He advocates and practices igniting young minds and Schools and Colleges to make world better place to habitat.

What We Do

We are intent to provide solutions in waste management sector.

Plastics have become an indispensable ingredient to modern life and it products have become an integral part of our daily life. During ours research and survey, it has come out blatantly that production, usuage and segregation of plastic became very big problem to all the livings on the EARTH.


Plastics have become an indispensable ingredient to modern life and it products have become an integral part of our daily life. In India approximately 16.5 Million ton plastic products are consumed in 2017-18.


It is produced on a massive scale worldwide and its production crosses the 150 million ton per year globally. It is growing at an annual rate of 22% annually.

The PET Bottle

More than 485 billion plastic drinking bottles were sold in 2016 across the world. If they were placed end to end, they would extend more than halfway to the sun.


Million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021, creating an environmental crisis.Half a trillion plastic bottles of which will be sold annually by the end of the decade.


By 2021 this will increase to 583.3 billion, according to the most up-to-date estimates from Euromonitor International’s global packaging trends report.


Plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. But plastic bags we use in our everyday life take 10-1000 years to decompose, while plastic bottles can take 450 years or more.

Featured Works

AIRAVATH - the PET bottle Collecting & ReCycling Machine.

W2W, developed a machine for collecting PET bottle wastes with the idea of forward and backward integration. It made look like an ATM and it shreds the plastic wastes and collected in the bin. There is a two reason for establishing this machine in the high traffic and high footfalls area.


During the process of Waste Management, transportation of plastic wastes is problem. Because it occupies more space and thus transportation cost is high. Thus, the rag pickers are not collecting the plastic wastes like pet bottles, plastic bags, etc.


This is user friendly machine, aesthetically designed in such a way that people come forward to drop in plastic wastes voluntarily. It motivates people do not throw the plastic wastes in anywhere.


W2W is ensuring that the residuals will be taken for recycling through creating link with the Members of the Plastic Manufacturers Association for the collection at the source and for recycling.

Features of AIRAVATH

Ingenious machine for collecting PET bottle wastes.

Look alike an ATM and it shreds the PET plastic & collected in the bin.

Easy to place in the high traffic and high footfalls area.

Easy to operate, low electricity consumption.

Easy to Clean and Maintain.

To shred all kinds of Pet bottles (big and small).

Recent Launch

AIRAVATH @ Madurai







Recent Launch

AIRAVATH @ Natham Cricket Stadium

AIRAVATH @ Natham Cricket Stadium

AIRAVATH @ Natham Cricket Stadium

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